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[VIDEO] This… is Cave Diving

We take a look at our Video Of The Week brought to you by Paralenz

Buying Your First Scuba Regulator

We look at all the different elements of Scuba regulators and what to look for when buying your first one

New Crowdfunding Campaign For Aquabionic ABS Fin System Underway

There's a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for a pretty innovative shoe-binding system designed for dive fins.

Prawno Holding ‘Stock Take Sale’ Through May 1st

Prawno is clearing out its inventory to make way for fresh designs.

BARE Launches Ultrawarmth Accessories Collection

BARE has launched its latest line of Ultrawarmth Accessories.

Fort Young Dominica Appoints Dive Concierge

Fort Young Hotel and Resort in Dominica has appointed a dive concierge

Scuba Meets Information Technology With Linus Torvalds

DiveLog interviews Linux creator and Subsurface software creator Linus Torvalds

Dressel Divers Launches Its Go Green Brand

Dressel Divers Launches it’s “Go Green” Initiative

PADI Announces Support For Artificial Reef Project

PADI announces its support for the USS Clamagore Artificial Reef Project.

Don’t Let Your Hair Hold You Back – Tame It With...

Klash's Bang Wrangler holds your hair back from your face so it won't hold you back from your adventure.

Fourth Annual PADI Women’s Dive Day Slated For July 21, 2018

The fourth iteration of PADI's annual Women's Dive Day will take place on July 21st, 2018.

Curacao Divers Team Up to Protect Their Reefs

Divers in Curacao combine forces to protect the island's reefs.

Getting Your First BCD

When you first start looking at the different buoyancy compensator devices on the market, it can be overwhelming. We take a look at your options.

New Cookbook For Divers Just Published

A new 'Dining With Divers' cookbook was recently published .
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