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Top Liveaboards for Every Diver

Liveaboard diving is a great way to experience some of the world’s best dive destinations

The Role of Shark Diving in Conservation

Shark diving is a valuable yet underappreciated conservation tool that contributes to the protection of sharks and the ocean in a variety of ways.

5 Great Shark Dives for Novice Divers

With shark dives suitable for all experience levels, there is something for everyone to enjoy

Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas Announces Dates For Hammerhead Shark Adventure

Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas announces the dates for its upcoming hammerhead adventure season.

Shark Diaries: Yes, Nurse Sharks are Real Sharks

Love them or hate them, nurse sharks are still sharks. Learn more about these fascinating creatures and how to dive safely with them.

Shark Expert Exposes Viral Video Of “Shark Biting” Adult Film Star...

If you are one of the 13 million people who has seen the viral video this week of Adult Film star Molly Cavalli being supposedly...

Shark Diaries: Freediving With Greatness

Shark Diver and Educator Jillian Morris Brake tells us why she absolutely loves freediving with sharks in her home of the Bahamas

Does Diving Among Sharks Affect Their Long-Term Behavior?

As much of an adrenaline rush that diving among sharks may give a human scuba diver, new research has found that the sharks themselves...

Shark Tourism Is A Big Money-Maker In The Bahamas

There clearly is money to be made in the shark tourism business in the Bahamas. The dive industry in the Bahamas generates nearly US$114 million/108.4...

Should A Large Hook Be Removed By Hand From A Shark’s...

So let's say you're diving among sharks in the Caribbean and you come across one with a big, honking hook stuck in its mouth....

Sport Diver Hosting Bahamas Diving Bash

Our friends over at Sport Diver magazine have announced a rather epic diving trip for November 2016 with a liveaboard cruise around the Exuma...

Pro Dive Mexico Offering Bull Shark Dive Packages

Get a thrill out of bull sharks? Want to start off the New Year by diving among them? The folks at Pro Dive Mexico may...
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