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TDI Unveils NEW Support Materials for Inspiration /Evolution CCR Course

Topsham, ME– August 28, 2006

Technical Diving International (TDI) announced that it was the first of the major training agencies to release support materials for the popular Inspiration and Evolution Closed Circuit Rebreathers.

The primary author of the student manual is John Garvin, a longtime CCR Instructor who has been diving the Inspiration since it was first launched by AP Valves in 1997.

Martin Parker, the Managing Director for Ambient Pressure Diving Ltd, which was launched in February 2001 to deal withthe manufacturing and sales of the Inspiration Rebreathers, was pleased with the end result: “John Garvin is one of the leading technical instructors with a great insight into the workings and practical use and teaching of our Inspiration and Evolution rebreathers.” Parker continued, “The professionalism of Garvin and TDI has taken CCR training to a new level.”

“Although the project took longer to develop than expected, we are very excited with the final product”, stated Brian Carney, President of SDI/TDI.

While Garvin was the primary author, several other highly qualified Instructor Trainers and Instructors assisted with input and final review according to Steve Lewis, SDI/TDI Director of Product Development.

Accoring to Lewis, “The PowerPoint and Instructor Guide were developed by Stephen Phillips of SDI/TDI UK and David Kitchen of SDI/TDI South Africa, both very accomplished dive educators.”

“This is a generously illustrated manual with excellent photographs and diagrams, and the Inspiration / Evolution CCR product line is the first we have developed using multiple contributors and input from our complete product development team”, said Lewis.

Lewis also indicated “There are currently several other CCR manuals in development and we have scheduled their release to be within the next 6 months.”

Technical Diving International (TDI) is the largest technical certification agency in the world. TDI is part of the parent company International Training which also offers programs through Scuba Diving International (SDI) and Emergency Response Diving International (ERDi).

To purchase training material for the Inspiration/Evolution or to learn how to become a certified diver or instructor contact or 207-729-4201.

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