Technical Diving International Introduces NEW Nitrox Manual

Technical Diving International (TDI) has long been the leader in technical diving education. With over 10,000 instructors worldwide active, TDI is by far the largest certification agency for technical diving. The agency’s sister organization, Scuba Diving International, SDI, is a leading recreational diving agency.

Continuing their commitment to always improving their training materials, TDI has been working to bring all of their student materials up to date with the latest technical information and equipment.

"Over the years we have been very happy with the content of the materials and now have in house capabilities to produce higher quality products while continuing to offer affordable rates," said Brian Carney, President of TDI and SDI , Scuba Diving International.

The first product to be improved is the TDI Nitrox manual and the development of a student kit which includes the TDI Nitrox diver manual, an EAD table, temp card, student record folder, logo sticker and a bag. TDI will continue to introduce other products over the coming months.


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