Not only has the recent rescue of a Thai boys’ soccer team from an underwater cave been optioned for a movie, but middle-grade kids will also be getting a book about it.

Thai-American author Christina Soontornvat recently tweeted that the world rights to her as-yet unwritten book, “All Thirteen: The Incredible Cave Rescue Of The Thai Boys’ Soccer Team,” had been auctioned to Candlewick Press.

Soontornvat said in her tweet thread that she wanted to make sure at least one book about the survivors was written by someone with Thai heritage:

“Yes, it’s an international story, but it took place on Thai soil, with Thai rescuers and survivors. Understanding Thai culture, religion, and political issues is crucial to understanding how the rescue succeeded.” readers can rest assured that the book will have plenty of details about the cave diving aspect of the rescue:

“(And yes, I will also be geeking out in the book on all the STEM content involved – geology, hydrology, engineering, cave diving, etc. This engineer+science-nerd is going all in!)”

Stay tuned for a review of the book when it does come out!