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The 2021 Scuba Christmas Gift Guide


If you have a Scuba Diver in your life we know it can be hard it can be to choose presents for them.  With the 2021 Christmas season rapidly approaching we’ve put together this handy guide to choosing the perfect gift, with top picks of Scuba Diving gear this year to get for that special someone who just can’t stay out of the water.

Apeks VX1 Mask

Every diver needs a mask and we’re a massive fan of the Apeks VX1 mask.  It’s a light and frameless mask that comes in a variety of colors (not just good old black).  Diving with the VX1 is pure joy and in our view is the ultimate diving mask for comfort.

Apeks VX1 Mask Apeks VX1 Mask

The VX1 is the ultimate in diving mask comfort. Lightweight, frameless, with two incredible lens options and a premium silicone skirt for exceptional comfort and fit. Choose between Pure Clear for maximum high definition clarity, or UV Cut lens that blocks high-energy light while optimizing the full-color spectrum.

08/14/2023 06:17 am GMT

Suunto D5

Another essential piece of kit is a dive computer and we absolutely love the Suunto D5. Nordic design at its finest, this easy-to-use dive rechargeable computer is not only super stylish but with its transflective screen, is super visible in all conditions allowing your diver to see their key dive details giving them more time to focus on the underwater world. The watch comes with the option to choose a strap from its extensive range meaning this can be made into a highly personalized gift.

Best Air Integrated Dive Computer
Suunto D5 Wrist Dive Computer Suunto D5 Wrist Dive Computer

The new Suunto D5 is designed to be so clear and easy-to-use that you can just enjoy and focus on exploring the wonderful underwater world. Play with style by changing the strap to match your looks. After diving, connect wirelessly to the Suunto app to re-live and share your adventures with friends.

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Paralenz Vaquita Dive Camera

For underwater videographers and amateur underwater photographers, the Paralenz Vaquita is a game-changer. Easy handling, Auto Depth Color Correction, 4K/60fps recording, ultra light-sensitive lens, GPS, plus make an impact by collecting Ocean data and sharing via free Paralenz App. This action camera is waterproof up to 350m (1150ft) out of the box without any need for additional cases.

PARALENZ Vaquita Underwater 4K Dive Camera PARALENZ Vaquita Underwater 4K Dive Camera

Paralenz Vaquita is a small, powerful underwater camera with a mission. Seamlessly capture and share brilliant underwater videos with the world to make an impact. Easy handling, Auto DCC, 4K/60fps recording, ultra light-sensitive lens, GPS, Ocean data sharing for impact via free Paralenz App.

DeeperBlue Clothing

Support your favorite diving website and community, DeeperBlue.com, with freediving clothing and accessories made from organic materials. Products are printed in real-time and come from a renewable energy-powered factory. They even ship to you in plastic-free, biodegradable packing. Show your love of freediving while staying respectful and true to your first love – the ocean.

DeeperBlue.com Official Clothing DeeperBlue.com Official Clothing
From $26.50

Support your favorite diving website and community, DeeperBlue.com, with freediving clothing and accessories made from organic materials.

Atomic Aquatics M1 Regulator

The team at Atomic Aquatics knows how to make a stunning regulator.  The M1 is perfect for recreational divers who want a fantastic regulator that is ready to extend into technical or specialty diving.  The regulator is bulletproof and can survive almost any type of diving you throw at it, all the while being a joy to breathe with.  Worthy of being in any divers kit bag.

Atomic Aquatics M1 Regulator Atomic Aquatics M1 Regulator

The M1 has an expanded performance range to meet almost any diving condition imaginable, whether Recreational or Tech Whether you're a recreational diver ready to extend your capabilities or an accomplished specialty diver, this regulator will fulfill virtually any need or diving scenario.

08/14/2023 06:41 am GMT

Argonaut Drysuit

There is nothing like having some made specifically for you.  Even better when you can create your bespoke drysuit from home using the award-winning BIOMAP® system.  The suit you get is a truly impressive piece of technology – lightweight yet strong.  Almost everything on this suit design can be customized to just what you want including wrist seals, neck seals, dump/inflate valves, boot type, pockets, and P-valves to tailor the suit to your needs.

Fourth Element Argonaut 2.0 Drysuit Fourth Element Argonaut 2.0 Drysuit

The Fourth Element Argonaut Dry Suit is the flagship dry suit from Fourth Element and is one of the best quality drysuits on the market at the moment. The suit offers a huge range of customization as standard and can be made-to-measure with the award-winning BIOMAP measurement system.

Stephan Whelan
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