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‘The Diver And The Mermaid’ Short Documentary Released


A brief documentary highlighting the challenges and joys of making the acclaimed “The Diver and the Mermaid” photo has been released.

The short film tells the crew’s story as they worked to create an iconic image that pays homage to stories of the past.

The Diver and the Mermaid” is the work of acclaimed photographer Brett Stanley, with commercial diver and ocean conservationist Josh Myers taking on the role of the diver and the mermaid was brought to life by none other than professional mermaid Hannah Fraser. The logistics were managed and documented by underwater filmmaker Justin Lutsky.

Talking about the challenges faced making “The Diver and the Mermaid,” Myers stated:

“I was pinned to the seafloor under the immense weight of the antique heavy gear. It was shocking to think that this was the way commercial diving was done in the past. It was insanely heavy in comparison to the modern gear, and I was acutely aware of having to continually purge the CO2. My air supply was a single hose simply displacing water in my helmet. I was very encumbered by the suit, and yet, I felt oddly comfortable in the heavy gear.”

While Fraser commented on her experience stating:

“Being down there with Josh in that antique diving suit was so surreal. We went to every length to make sure we had the most vintage, authentic, realistic image ever. I felt like I had gone back in time! Seeing his face peering out of the tiny, fogged-up metal porthole gave me claustrophobia, and made me admire his bravery. Playing off another performer who was wearing something as crazy as I was made me feel much more realistic in my character.”

You can find out more information here, or check out a video of the production below.

The Diver and the Mermaid: Production Documentary
Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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