The Freedive Show — Diary — Top Results

Saturday 31st May 2003 – 12:20pm

Here are the final results after the closing ceremony for the Sony FreeDiver Open Classic 2003 competition in Cyprus.

You can find out the full results of the Dynamic and Constant Weight results on the Freediver UK website!

Update 1st June: We are still awaiting the official results to be posted here or on FreeDiver UK. We are unable to provide any more details at this time.

British Championships:


  1. Ann-Marie Kitchen Wheeler
  2. Amanda Williams
  3. Emma Farrell


  1. Rodin O’Hagin
  2. Dave King
  3. Mark Harris



  1. Natalia Molchovia, Russia
  2. Hannah Stacey, UK
  3. Annabel Briseno, USA


  1. Pierre Frolla, Monaco
  2. Herbert Nitsch, Austria
  3. Antti Kivioja, Finland

Overall Team (Constant + Static)


  • Filles AIDA France (France)


  • Team Babylonia (Monaco)

Overall Individual (Constant + Static)


  1. Sophie Passalacqua, France
  2. Asso Aurore, France
  3. Brigette Banegas, France


  1. Martin Stepanek, Czech Republic
  2. Carlos Coste, Venezula
  3. Deron Verbeck,USA

What fantastic results! We will bring you the offficial full listing when we receive it from the AIDA officials.

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