The gods weren't with the PFI team today.

Despite many offerings to the ocean gods over the last few days it seems it just wasn’t enough to appease them. American Freediver Doc Lopez tried to best his own record in Variable Ballast by adding another two meters to his two day old U.S. record of 59 meters. Unfortunately, he bailed out at 47 meters due to over packing.

Mandy-Rae tried the women’s record in Variable Ballast by attempting to reach 115 meters. She reached depth but decided to take an assist from her trainer Kirk Krack and safety diver Tom Lightfoot.

With technical problems mounting Kirk Krack called the event before Martin Stepanek had a chance to take a shot at the men’s Variable Ballast record. He was planning a dive to 136 meters.

Tomorrow will be the last day for the PFI team to set more records.

Story and pictures to follow.