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Scuba DivingThe Wreck Of Captain Cook's HMS Endeavour May Have Been Finally Found

The Wreck Of Captain Cook’s HMS Endeavour May Have Been Finally Found


The ship used by Captain James Cook to sail to Australia in 1770 may have been finally found off the coast of North America.

Captain Cook commanded the HMS Endeavour when he discovered Australia and landed at Botany Bay.

After the voyage, the ship was returned to service with the Royal Navy and was renamed the Lord Sandwich 2. The vessel saw action during the American war of independence and was scuttled in 1778 off the coast of Newport, Rhode Island.

Researchers believe they have found the remains of the wreck, although they have yet to identify it definitively. However, they do think from timber samples taken from the wreckage that the ship is the Endeavour. The wreck is part of a fleet of 13 that was scuttled by British; the other vessels were constructed of US-sourced timber, however, the Endeavour was built from English oak.

You can check out a tour of a replica of the Endeavour below.

Captain Cook's ship "Endeavour"
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