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Time Concepts Unveils Bia Women’s Sport Watch’s female DEMA team members were very excited to learn that Time Concepts was releasing their Bia Women’s Sport Watch.

We were given the opportunity to speak with Barry Cohen, founder of Time Concepts, about his inspiration to create the Bia watch brand and the new illumination technology called the Visible247.

Visible247 illumination technology on Time Concepts' Bia women's dive watch
Visible247 illumination technology on Time Concepts’ Bia women’s dive watch

Barry said the new Bia watch brand is motivated by the women’s empowerment movement. Not only is this a brand designed for the female demographic, it is the only watch that you can purchase that has the Visible247 technology.

Additionally, for the first time, I overheard male divers complaining that there wasn’t a masculine version for them at the show.

Time Concepts took their inspiration even further and with every Bia watch that you purchase a percentage of proceeds will support women as they strive to be independent, educated, healthy, protected, and valued.

According to Barry:

“Having worked with one superior luminous technology for so long with my prior brand, I was particularly enthused to discover and launch another superior lume technology to the watch market.”

With the experience and knowledge gained over years of experience, Barry is consistently trying to find new ways to improve his company’s products, which is how the Visible247 was conceived. When a diver exposes their Bia watch to any source of light for 10 minutes, the face will brightly illuminate for at least 10 hours.

Time Concepts is showcasing their lume technology and female empowerment line at their booth for consumers to see how vibrant their watches are. They are encouraging female divers to come on by and try out the colors that work best for you.

The metal link watch retails for US$225 (~204 Euros), the Silicone Band for $175 (~159 Euros) and the colored watch bands each retail for $40 (~36 Euros).

For more info, check out the Time Concepts website.

Bethy Driscoll
Bethy Driscoll
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