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Top 6 Dive Sites In New South Wales, Australia


Top 6 Dive Sites In New South Wales, Australia

Australia is divided into 6 states, all home to some of the most beautiful dive sites found throughout the world. New South Wales (NSW), has a spectacular selection of dive sites that can be dived all year round, this is due to the perfect combination of cold and warm water currents flowing through the area. From the tropical seas at Byron Bay (near the Queensland border) to the temperate water and epic marine life to the south, there is something for every level of diver. You’ll never fall short of dive stores, scattered around the 1243 miles of coastline that NSW has to offer.


Top 6 Dive Sites In New South Wales, Australia

Montague Island

There are very few places in the world that provide divers with the opportunity to dive with fur seals and this is one of them. This beautiful diving location is a nature reserve and a natural sanctuary for fur seals. In fact, it is home to the largest colony of fur seals throughout the whole state. Montague Island has a lot more than just fur seal, however; there are also 15 endemic species of bird and thousands upon thousands of little penguins. Whales have also been known to frequent the area, so if you’re a naturist and desperate to spend time with the abundant marine life as well as wildlife on land, then make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to dive Montague Island.

Lord Howe Island

This top dive location is home to a variety of marine life as well as rare corals, epic coral formations and of course crystal clear waters. Lord Howe Island dive sites are incredible in their own right due to the fact that this is where 5 of the oceans major currents meet. Included in these currents is the EAC (the warm East Australian Current), which runs all the way through the Great Barrier Reef into the Tasman Sea. Choosing to dive Lord Howe Island will also provide the chance to see the Ballina Angelfish, which are usually only seen in waters as deep as 100m. There are over 60 dive sites to choose from at this location and they are all phenomenal, so make sure you don’t miss Lord Howe Island off your list.

Fly Point Reserve

Located just to the east of Nelson Bay, lies a tiny little aquatic reserve. Fly point Reserve offers incredible diving experiences for all levels of diver. The marine life located here is second to none, due to the fishing ban in the area. Heaving with beautifully colored marine life and stunning coral formations with exceptional topography, this is a diving location that must be visited if you’re traveling to NSW.

Beautifully coloured reef
Beautifully colored reef

Solitary Island Marine Park

This is a marine park that covers roughly 71,000 hectares and is the third-largest protected marine area found throughout the state of NSW. Home to approximately 550 species of reef fish, and usually excellent visibility, there is so much to see at this fascinating location. Do not miss this top diving spot off your list.

Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay is home to more than 30 dive sites. With a variety of things to see including epic reef formations, drop-offs, and gutters all of which provide amazing experiences for all divers. The Docks is one of the most popular diving spots, which offers a cave with an upstairs as well as a hidden sponge garden heaving with reef fish and numerous reef critters to feast your eyes on.

Julian Rocks Marine Park

Located in close proximity of the beaches of Byron Bay lies Julian Rocks Marine Park. It has an amazing reputation amongst divers and is classed as one of the best fish dives in the world and it’s not hard to see why. Common sightings at Julian Rocks Marine Park include Dolphins, Sharks, and Turtles. This top diving location really is one of a kind and should not be missed.

There are many shark sightings in Julian Rocks Marine Park
There are many shark sightings in Julian Rocks Marine Park

There are so many top dive sites and diving locations found throughout the waters of New South Wales so if you know of one that hasn’t been mentioned on this list, let us know about it in the comments below.

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