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Travel the world with us

Welcome to the revamped launch of Deeper Blue and in particular the Travel Section, which I hope, will give you the details and research to help plan your dive travel.

Diving and travel now go hand in hand, and learning to dive opens the opportunity for many of us to experience the joy of adventure travel. Because that is what diving is all about, the thrill and challenge of adventure. I have never met a diver who has said they choose to go somewhere because the diving was average or easy, we all like the experience of adventure. By saying this I don’t in anyway want to encourage any diver to dive beyond their experience level, but by diving with experienced operators who have good staff to help you enjoy your dive holiday. You will have the opportunity to challenge yourself.

Diving holidays are often the only time we can truly dedicate ourselves to the joys of diving, you can focus on how you are diving and even perhaps continue your diver education without the pressures and distractions of day to day life. In fact often the best place to do your advanced course is on holidays, it takes a relatively short time and the academics are confined to actual skills you will be doing. You are on site and things like factoring a night dive become easier.

Which brings me back to the important question of dive travel, Where,What, When, How, Who and How. These are the questions that I as the Deeper Blue Travel Editor will strive to answer, are articles are designed to give you the power to dive the world wide web with focus to hot links and operators who have proven that wish to promote diving in the region using the internet and 21st Century technology.

What has become apparent now is that dive destinations around the world can shape their own future using the internet, what Deeper Blue Travel plans to do is to help you in providing the background information to destinations that offer a challenge and excitement. The only prerequisite that I apply when researching a destination is that if any operator claims that "this is the best destination in the world or that they offer the best diving in the world" then I automatically – click off their site. Because they have not obviously dived at every dive site in the world and such claims are ludicrous.

I hope you enjoy the revamped Travel Section and I welcome your feedback and ideas.

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Malcolm James
Malcolm James
Malcolm is the former Scuba Editor of He is a cameraman with Fox News.