Monday, November 23, 2020

Unique Freediving Memorabilia Now Available


In what is probably the first ever sale of its type in the world, 3 of the Quantum Watches worn by Yasemin Dalkilic for 6 of her 8 World Records are now being auctioned to interested divers and collectors. The records include 68m Constant Ballast in 1999, 96m, 100m and 105 Variable Ballast in 2000 and 2001, the 120m No Limits of 2000 and the 40m Unassisted of 2001. These are the actual watches worn by Yasemin during those incredible records and the many months of dive training that preceded each of them.

Included in the auction is a piece of particular interest: the only remaining watch of the "Go Yas" Limited Edition (500 pieces) from 2001 issued by Quantum as a commemoration of Yasemin’s career. This one is number 254 and Yasemin herself owns number 001, and it is probably the only watch ever to bear the name of a female freediver. The "Go Yas" trademark comes from the customary shout of encouragement that Dalkilic receives from her team before her record dives. All watches include autographed posters of Yasemin and DVDs of her award-winning documentaries. Yasemin plans to donate the proceeds of the auction to one of the many charities she is involved with.

The sale is being conducted at

Unique Freediving Memorabilia Now Available 3
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