Thursday, May 6, 2021
Home Video Of The Week [VIDEO] Woman Dances with Tiger Sharks

[VIDEO] Woman Dances with Tiger Sharks

[VIDEO] Woman Dances with Tiger Sharks

This week’s video is something a bit different.  Australian Hannah Fraser decided to dive head-first into the battle and make a profound statement in opposition to her government’ shark cull philosophy. Teaming up with Emmy Award winning cinematographer and photographer Shawn Heinrichs, and the world’s leading authority on interactions with large “predatory” sharks, Jim Abernethy, the trio embarked on producing the video below – a statement against the shark cull in Australia and showing Hannah dancing with the 17ft Tiger Sharks.

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  1. Could not possibly be real unfortunately because no one can hold their breath that long. Now maybe there were several shots taken and then woven together. This is an exquisitely beautiful video and the cause is right on. We must stop killing sharks for their fins. It is horrible to cut their fins off and throw them back to die helpless on the sea floor. We need more of this kind of beauty to convince people that sharks are wonderful and not to be feared. We MUST stop the killing!


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