Waiver Spam Scam ?

“Recently it has been reported that Rodales (RSD) has decided to try and collect divers personal information by getting dive operators to use a waiver form and then collect the data for their own use.
The reported scam involves dive operators getting you to sign a waiver that is basically a two part document with the first part being held by the dive operator as per normal waiver practices.
HOWEVER the second part is forwarded to RSD for their lists – depending on how much detail you fill in depends on what could be onpassed to others – from “”Rodales privacy policy statement”” – “” From time to time, we make our customer email addresses,postal addresses and telephone numbers,available to other reputable business associates whose products or services might be of value to you””

The bottom line is to remember to read a waiver properly before you sign it and if you have any concerns about privacy aspects ask the operator to clarify.”