‘Whip Fins’ Featured At DEMA Show 2015

John Melius' ‘Whip Fins’ Featured At DEMA Show 2015
John Melius' ‘Whip Fins’ Featured At DEMA Show 2015

John Melius is back at DEMA Show 2015 with his new product, the Whip Fins.”

The Whip Fins have a clear similarity to his Predator Fins from last year’s show. The main difference with the new model is a change in manufacturing process to injection molding and a material switch to a Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) in the fin’s construction.

Whip fins are unique in the dive fin industry in the distinctive way that the fin resembles a Bluegill Sunfish, but with more lunar-shaped tail than the common lake fish.

Also new is an emphasis in training and stroke technique, with the handing out of pamphlets that emphasize the key features of the fin stroke that will produce the best results with Whip-Fins.

Every fin will have an optimum fin stroke, and product-specific training is particularly critical when a product is different enough from the usual equipment that customers are likely to use it in a suboptimal manner the first time out.

The Whip Fins are on sale for US$189 on John’s website, www.whipfins.com.

By Ron Smith

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