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Life is an adventure for novelist Eric Douglas

Life is an adventure for author Eric Douglas, above and below the water and wherever in the world he ends up.

After earning a degree in Journalism from Marshall University, Eric worked in local newspapers where he honed his skills as a storyteller. Following a stint as a freelance journalist in the former Soviet Union, Eric became a dive instructor. Not too much later, he became a Diving Medical Technician. Moving from California to North Carolina, he became the Director of the Training and Education Department at Divers Alert Network.

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The ocean and diving have factored into all of his fiction works since then.

He has authored five dive adventure novels in the Mike Scott Adventure SeriesCayman CowboysFlooding HollywoodGuardians’ KeepWreck of the Huron and the latest Heart of the Maya. He also written a series of dive adventure short stories set on the fictional Withrow Key in the Florida Keys. He has also authored two children’s books: Sea Turtle Rescue and Swimming with Sharks.

Working with DAN President Dan Orr, Eric co-authored the scuba diving reference book Scuba Diving Safety. Since 2009 he has written the Lessons for Life column for Scuba Diving Magazine.

As a documentarian, Eric has worked in RussiaHonduras and most recently in his home state of West Virginia, featuring the oral histories of West Virginia war veterans in the documentary West Virginia Voices of War and the companion book Common Valor.

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