WWI U-Boat Found Off The Coast Of Belgium

WWI U-Boat Wreck found off the Belgian coast
WWI U-Boat Wreck found off the Belgian coast

Divers recently located the wreck of a World War 1-era German Model II U-boat off the Belgian coast.

The wreck, which lies in 27 metres of water on her starboard side, is missing part of her bow, although all the hatches remain shut, indicating that all 23 crew members are still aboard the doomed submarine.

The sub is yet to be identified, although there are a few U-boats that are known to have been sunk in the area in 1916 and 1917. The cause of the sinking is still unknown, although one theory posits that the boat hit an undersea mine that was fixed to the bottom with a cable.

The wreck lies in the water off Ostend, although the exact location has not been released to protect it from underwater treasure hunters. Authorities in Belgium have notified the German government as efforts will commence to identify the boat and the sailors buried with her.