Roger Yazbeck, the brainpower behind Yazbeck freediving apparel, represented his company for the first time at DEMA 2016.

Since 1998, Roger has designed and developed the freediving world’s original thermal suits. From the first camouflage pattern on a diving suit to the first freedive shop, Roger Yazbeck has been and continues to be an innovator in the diving industry.

Yazbeck brand suits are twice as flexible as standard neoprene suits, made using Yamamoto 100% CR polychloroprene, a biodegradable limestone based polymer. Each model is designed after an ocean organism’s own patterns and colors, blending the freediving hunter into his or her local environment.

Newest to the Yazbeck line are quick drying board shorts, 1-3mm gender-specific freedive and pool training suits, and the highly anticipated Nohu Wetsuit. Designed after Roger’s record-breaking 30.3kg (67lb) dogtooth snapper catch from La Paz, Mexico, the Nohu Wetsuit uses a red camouflage pattern that masks the size and color of the freediver below 20 meters (~60 ft). Available in 20 men’s and women’s sizes from 1.5mm-7.0mm thicknesses, the Nohu retails between US$329-$545/311 Euros-515 Euros.

To find out more about the company’s product line and Roger Yazbeck‘s story, visit and follow them on social media.

— By Alexander Finden

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