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Yoga For Freediving Course – Success & Failure – Launches Today

The latest in the line of online training course from World Champion Freediver Sara Campbell, launches today.

SUCCESS AND FAILURE, the fifth in Sara’s Yoga for Freediving online programme, provides benefits for competitive freedivers and beginners alike, focusing on the great paradox of freediving – how to succeed when the key to success is letting go of the numbers and the need to succeed.

It delves into our subconscious beliefs around success and failure and sheds light on how these concepts actually create the barriers and boundaries that lead directly to our ‘failure’.

The course features lectures, meditation, visualization, pranayama, and kriya exercises to give students step-by-step tools to resolve the blocks that they are struggling with in their training. It can be purchased for just $50 and can be combined with online private coaching with Sara by upgrading to Premium for just $300.

With the help of this course, students can sort through the illusions of success and failure in their training, and return to the understanding what is the real goal and value in their freediving.

‘Success and Failure’ contains six core videos, as well as the two hours of ‘How To’ videos found in every course, which contain all the essential exercises that freedivers need to get started and build a foundation for their practice.

Sat Kriya and Sodarshan Chakra Kriya, two of the practices in this course, are well known to be two of the three most powerful meditations from the ancient tradition of Kundalini Yoga, so this course is pretty much guaranteed to shift your training, performance, and awareness up not just one, but several, gears.

Yoga for Freediving programme aims to provide insights to the aspects of freediving training that do not usually get addressed by the regular certification courses. Like all Sara’s educational courses, the programme combines yoga, meditation, and pranayama that is suitable for freedivers at all experience levels.

Videos contained in this course are:

  1. Lecture: ‘Success & Failure’
  2. Meditation: ‘Conquer Self-Animosity’
  3. Pranayama: ‘Sodarshan Chakra Kriya’
  4. Lecture: ‘Sat Kriya and Perfectionism’
  5. Kriya: ‘Sat Kriya’
  6. Visualisation: ‘I Trust’

You also receive the 22 FREE How To videos (another two hours), which explain the basic exercises, yogic and freedive techniques and terminology throughout this programme.



Sara had this to say to

“For me, success and failure are one of the fascinating themes within freediving, because everyone comes up against this block at some stage. It is relatively easy to resolve the situation, once clarity and light are shed on the knot of frustration and ‘failed’ performances”

For those who want to receive personal coaching from Sara to accompany these videos, each course has a GO PREMIUM option, which includes a personal consultation, three one-to-one Skype coaching sessions and online support for just $300.

You can find out more and sign up by going to

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