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1st International Kemer Underwater Days

“International Kemer Underwater Days (IKUD) is a week of activities organized jointly by the Underwater Archeological Research Association (ASAD) and the Foundation for the Promotion of Kemer (KETAV), whose goal is to introduce to the world the natural and the archeological beauties of the deep waters of Antalya in the Mediterranean.
The Antalya coast of the Mediterranean has hosted numerous civilizations for thousands of years, who maintained their commercial and political relationships mostly through naval routes. As a result of this, traces of these civilizations left in the depths of the blue waters as well as the natural beauties of the area await to be discovered.
1st International Kemer Underwater Activities Days consists of the following activities to realize the goal of the foundations mentioned above:

o Underwater imaging competitions;

o Underwater documentary and short meter film projections;

o Lectures on the beaches, the underwater world and the archeological heritage of the Mediterranean and Kemer.

o Exhibitions of underwater photography

o An award ceremony by the Archeological Underwater Researches Association for those people who has had invaluable contributions to the underwater archeology of Turkey.

o A ceremony of the ‘KETAV plaque of gratitude’ for the competitors and visitors who participate in the competition.

o Concerts and displays during the award ceremony for the competitors who …

Underwater imaging competitions are divided into four categories. Each of these categories is named after a Turkish pioneer in underwater research and imaging. These categories are:
(i) Nurdoğan ?zkaya Underwater Nature Photography
(ii) Emre Omur Underwater Nature Video Imaging Competition
(iii) Jale Inan Underwater Archeology Photography Competition
(iv) Ekrem Akurgal Underwater Archeology Video Imaging Competition

In all these categories competitors compete with a camera of their choice within a given period of time and in a pre-determined area. Dia positives will be used. There is no restriction on the kind of lenses or filters

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