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AIDA Depth World Championship 2023 Day 5: Sanda Delija, Enchante Gallardo Falter On FIM World, Continental Record Attempts


Croatia’s Sanda Delija and the USA’s Enchante Gallardo were unable to complete their women’s World and Continental Record attempts in the Free Immersion (FIM) discipline on Day 5 of the AIDA Depth World Championships off Limassol, Cyprus.

Coming Up Short

Delija was gunning for a 103m/338ft world record, but got a yellow card for turning back at the 94m/308ft mark. That was still good enough for a bronze medal in the overall results, though.

In an Instagram post, Delija wrote:

“I announced 103, it was a world record attempt and I was going for gold but I made a small EQ error that forced me to turn at 94.

“I really entered a beautiful flow state and had overall a good dive, I lost focus for a moment, enough to distract me from putting attention where I was supposed to.

“This WR is just being postponed and now focusing on the last day of the competition!”

The USA’s Gallardo had her sights set on a 92m/302ft continental record, but had to turn back at the 87m/285ft mark.

National Records

Five other women set national records (pending doping results).

Hungary’s Fatima Korok successfully dove to 96m/315ft, earning her both a national record as well as the overall women’s FIM gold.

South Korea’s Jung A Kim dove to 86m/282ft, bringing home both the women’s FIM silver medal as well as a national record.

Indonesia’s Nikita Fima Atriyu was three-for-three on the national record front at the competition with her 63m/207ft dive.

Israel’s Shlomit Wallerstein and Hong Kong’s Jiaoyi Li added their second national records at the competition, with dives to 71m/233ft and 58m/190ft, respectively.

Challenging Dive

Delija and Gallardo weren’t the only ones who didn’t reach their record target depths, though.

Poland’s Maria Bobela had her sights on a 90m/295ft national record dive, but had to turn back at 85m/279ft.

Check out the full results below, along with the full replay.

AIDA Depth WC Women - FIM

AIDA Depth WC Women - FIM

John Liang
John Liang
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