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AIDA Hellas announces the 2005 Summer Apnea Games


AIDA Hellas have announced the National Open competition "2005 Summer Apnea Games" on July 9th and 10th 2005. It is limited to 50 athletes (first come, first served), with world record status and AIDA Ranking, with the following disciplines:

  • Constant weight OR constant weight without fins (CWT/CNF),
  • static apnea (STA),
  • dynamic apnea (DYN) and
  • dynamic apnea without fins (DNF).

This means that for constant weight, athletes will have to choose between using fins or not, but can participate in all the pool disciplines.

AIDA Nationals can use this competition as a qualifying competition to choose the athletes they will send to Renens and/or Nice for the championships.

There is no depth limit, but athletes wishing to do a world record are requested to let the organisers know at least one month before the competition, so they can arrange for the anti-doping tests.

More info will be available soon, on:

Contact: Panos Lianos at [email protected]

AIDA Hellas announces the 2005 Summer Apnea Games 3
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