Australians Attempt To Break Record For Longest Underwater Chain Of Scuba Divers

Australian divers attempt to break record
Australian divers attempt to break record

Australian divers have attempted to smash the record for the longest chain of scuba divers underwater, with a chain of 360 divers.

The current record is held by Cesena Blu dive school and was set off the Adriatic coast of Italy earlier this year. The record the Australians where trying to beat was a 270-meter chain formed by 308 divers.

According to Divernet, the Australian attempt was held near Rye Pier in Melbourne, Australia. The project was the brainchild of charter-boat operator Luke English, who worked with the Dive Industry of Victoria Association to organise the attempt.

The Italian record still stands, pending the verification by Guinness World Records of the Australian attempt.

Check out a video of a previous record below.