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Why You Should Be Trained as a DAN Oxygen First Aid for Aquatic Emergencies Provider

Deep-Vein Thrombosis and Air Travel: Is There a Connection?

DAN this month takes a look at the so called 'economy-class syndrome' Deep-Vein Thrombosis

The Ultimate Field Trip

Seattle University Undergrads Taste Life as Professional Research Divers

Dehydration Doldrums

A Diver experiences an object lesson in ignoring thewarning signs his body raised.

No Fish Tale

If You Eat Fish It's Good to Know About Ciguatera ??? Before You Get Sick
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Movie Star Will Smith Dives With Sharks

Film star Will Smith recently released a Facebook Live video of him confronting one of his biggest fears: swimming with sharks.

Swiss Indoor Pool Freediving Championship Scheduled For This May

If you're looking to test your pool freediving mettle and plan on being in Europe in May, this year's Swiss Indoor Apnea Pool Championship will be held May 18-19, 2019 in Montreux, Switzerland.

Suunto’s D5 Dive Computer Is Now Shipping

If you've had your eyes on the new Suunto D5 dive computer, now's the time to act. The company has just begun shipping the D5 to dealers.

Maverick America Putting Finishing Touches On 2019 Steve Alexander Speargun Line

Maverick America LLC is putting the finishing touches on the 2019 line of Steve Alexander spearguns.

Review: XS Scuba Apnos Freediving Mask

We look at the new freediving mask from XS Scuba - the Apnos