Body Glove introduced the company’s new freedive wetsuit at DEMA Show 2016.

The freedive suits are available in 3mm, 5mm and 7mm thicknesses and are two-part suits consisting of a beaver tail jacket with built-in hood and separate high-waist pants.

The suits are lined with Lycra on both sides and have skin seals at the face, wrists and ankles.

Camouflauge patterns are available in ocean blue and green kelp and even the edge seams are dyed to match the suit for improved optical stealth in the water.

Retail pricing is US$329.99/308.19 Euros for the 3mm suit, $349.99/326.87 Euros for the 5mm one and $379.99/354.89 Euros for the 7mm one.

For more information, check out the Body Glove website at


  1. A 5 or 7mm wetsuit makes no sense when double-lined.

    If it’s cold enough to need that much neoprene, you need rubber against the skin… Preferably open-called.

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