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JBL Features New Wetsuits, Bi-Fins, Spearfishing Float At DEMA Show 2016

DeeperBlue.com stopped by the JBL booth at DEMA Show 2016 for a brief chat on the products the company is showcasing at this year’s convention.

JBL’s new Vertigo wetsuits introduce a two-part camo pattern. They have a micro camo pattern based on the pixelated concept and a macro pattern based on the “Dazzle” naval patterns from WW1. The macro pattern creates a disorientation that makes it difficult for fish to discriminate the diver’s front and back and where one part of something ends and another part begins. The micro pattern helps the diver to blend in with his or her surroundings.

The Vertigo suits are available in both one-piece jump suits and in two-piece suits with a built-in hood. Material thicknesses are available in 3 mm and 5 mm for the two-piece suits and retail at US$280/264 Euros and $340/321 Euros respectively. The one-piece suits come in 2.5 mm thickness and retail at $230/217 Euros. Men’s and women’s cuts are available.

JBL's Latest Spearfishing Camo Wetsuits
JBL’s Latest Spearfishing Camo Wetsuits

Additionally, new dipped camo patterns are available on JBL’s Reaper series spearguns.

JBL is also introducing their new Xcelerator carbon fiber bi-fins in both medium and soft blade stiffnesses with a retail price of $365/345 Euros. If a plastic entry-level long blade is your interest, they have a glass infused nylon fin that retails at $152/144 Euros.

JBL's Latest Bi-Fins
JBL’s Latest Bi-Fins

To round out your spearfishing equipment, JBL’s Thug is a 3 ATM (45 psi) float that uses fiber-reinforcing technology like the inflatable paddle boards (originally developed for the Goodyear Inflataplane) to make the float flat for more resistance if a big fish tries to pull the float underwater. The Thug retails at $265/250 Euros.

JBL's New 'Thug' Float
JBL’s New ‘Thug’ Float

Visit jblspearguns.com for more information on these and other products for spearfishing and diving.

Ron Smith
Ron Smithhttp://www.smithaerospace.us
Ron Smith developed the DOL-Fin hydrofoil type monofin products, and used his DOL-Fin Orca to set a US dynamic record in 2012. Ron is an award winning aerospace engineer and inventor, specializing in fluid dynamics, control systems design, simulation development and system performance prediction. He has been using his engineering background to develop new diving technology to make make the oceans more accessible for exploration.