Did you go diving in the Northern Hemisphere this past winter and notice a need to upgrade your boots, hoods or gloves? BARE may have the solution.

The company recently announced that its most complete thermal system of “Ultrawarmth Accessories” featuring Ultrawarmth Celliant Technology is now available.

With more than 60 percent of the body’s energy lost to escaping heat, the Ultrawarmth Celliant Technology in BARE’s new lines of boots, hoods, gloves and vests prevents body heat from escaping. Thirteen thermo-reactive minerals embedded in the fabric of the material catch heat leaving the body, convert it to thermal energy, and reflect it back to the body, so divers can experience warmer, more comfortable dives.

BARE says its technology has been determined to provide more endurance, faster recovery, enhanced performance, and increase thermal energy as defined in a section of U.S. law. On the aesthetic front, the new Ultrawarmth Accessories boots, hoods, gloves and hooded vests coordinate with all colorways of BARE wetsuits.

The accessories that are now available include:

  • Ultrawarmth Boots – 7mm and 5mm
  • Ultrawarmth Wet Hoods – 7mm and 5mm
  • Ultrawarmth Dry Hood – 7mm
  • Ultrawarmth Gloves – 5mm and 3mm
  • Ultrawarmth Hooded Vests – 7/3mm and 5/3mm

For pricing info on all the accessories, check out the BARE website at baresports.com.

BARE Launches Ultrawarmth Accessories Collection
BARE Launches Ultrawarmth Accessories Collection

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