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Beuchat Releases a Series of New Products Across Multiple Disciplines

Beuchat International has introduced a host of new products at DEMA Show 2015 in Orlando.

Perhaps Beuchat‘s most interesting innovation is their newly patented Glide Point Spear Shafts. The new tip is designed to be more accurate by creating an underflow and lift that result in less drop during longer shots. Beta testing by some of the industry’s top spearos achieved up to 5cm of better accuracy. Torres states that the design mimics a syringe, which increases penetration into the target as well.

Beauchat's new glide point spear shaft
Beuchat’s new glide point spear shaft

Additionally, the company launched a smaller version of its successful Guardian Float called the Argo Float.

Designed to act as a swimming aid, carry gear, and provide a higher swimming position for the diver, the Argo Float measures 62cm x 95cm, includes two replaceable inner bladders, and is made of 500 denier trilaminate PVC. Two forward hand grips, a mesh storage bag on the inflatable cushion, an adjustable retaining strap and six 25mm Delrin snap rings round out the creature comforts.

Beuchat‘s best-selling camouflage wetsuit features “TrigoCamo,” which is a 3D image printed on the lining that was created using trigonometric software and a compilation of 50 photographs. Their new blue camo features additional finishes around the edges to ensure a comfortable fit.

Likewise, the Braca Concept Relief Panel allows divers to, ahem, discretely relieve themselves while wearing the wetsuit in the water.

“The triple baffle provides a perfect seal,” according to Beuchat’s Cyrille Torres.

To aid retailers in reducing inventory, the farmer john-style bibs come with a RockSea precut marking that allows customers to accurately cut the shoulder section off the wetsuit, leaving a chest-rise pant for those who desire the option.

Expanding its wetsuit line into outdoor swimming, Beuchat‘s new Zento wetsuit is also geared toward freedivers looking to reduce drag. The hydrodynamics of the suit are enhanced by a smooth, uncoated exterior, which reduces the braking coefficient of the water and results in exceptionally smooth diving. The anatomically-designed cut provides better movement and offers a totally watertight assembly. Innovations have also been made in their semi-drysuit, which now includes a front chest zip, Elaskin panel, hood positioning system, and even a Velcro patch that secures the diver’s computer firmly on the wrist.

As for dive masks, Beuchat‘s Maxlux and Maxlux S low-volume masks are designed with freedivers in mind. The Maxlux has a volume of 137ml whereas the Maxlux S model is 10ml less at 127ml and tends to fit narrower faces. They are available in black, blue, brown, and green and these rimless masks have the skirt molded directly onto the glass. The micrometric adjustment buckles on the hypoallergenic silicon skirt provides a high degree of comfort from both models.

On the speargun front, Beuchat‘s new Marlin Evil speargun is now available in 50cm, 60cm, 75cm, 85cm, 95cm, 105cm, and 115cm lengths. The 28mm aluminum tube offers an integrated track that accommodates a 6mm or 6.5mm shaft depending on the chosen length. It has a closed head, articulated wishbone, and a 16mm sling.

Dr. Branon A. Edwards is a PADI Divemaster and former Scuba Editor for He is an avid diver, spearfisherman, and sailor who lives aboard a 32-foot sailboat in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. DEMA Team DEMA Team
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