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From Big Blue to the Deep Blue by Ron Kipp

How do you follow up on a life which leads you up the corporate ladder at IBM; leaving the relative safety of the corporate world and buying a dive operation on Grand Cayman; turning said dive operation into the largest dive operation in the islands; serving on the Board of Directors for DEMA; and topping it all off with induction into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame and receiving DEMA’s Reaching Out Award?  You write a book!

This is exactly what Ron Kipp did.  Ron’s book, From Big Blue to the Deep Blue, is a no-holds barred tale of a life which many divers dream of – running a dive operation in the Caribbean.   Kipp’s book is a very entertaining read, as he shares the many trials and tribulations on his road to business success in the dive world.

This book is not a travelogue.  It does not spend much time talking about the beauty of the Cayman Islands.  What is does do is to cover the hard work and innovative thinking it takes to be successful in any business endeavor, while at the same time giving the reader the inside scoop on diving with Gene Hackman, fighting battles with the 500 pound gorillas of diving, discovering Sting Ray City, and serving as vixen dryer for the movie “Vixens of Bandolero”, and much more.

From Big Blue to the Deep Blue is a humorous, entertaining and thought provoking look at one man’s travels through the early years of the dive travel industry to where it stands today.  It is well worth the price of the book.

“Fatigue is caused not by work, but by frustration.  We rarely get tired of doing something interesting and exciting – especially in the dive business in Cayman!”  Ron Kipp

Ron Kipp

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