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Blue Wild Day Two – Part Three

Rounding up Day Two coverage of DeeperBlue.com’s visit to the Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo, taking a look at some more of the companies and organizations that had booths on the exhibit floor:


Mares brought the core of the company’s Pure Instinct freediving and spearfishing product line to Blue Wild, including the new Cyrano Evo HF pneumatic speargun. A Mares company representative took DeeperBlue.com through some of the new gun’s features: “We took a normal, round-tube Cyrano, hydroformed it, and changed the shape of it. The gun tracks flat through the water,and the new design makes it able to increase the pressure and capacity of the oil that’s inside the gun. We also put a bigger piston in it. So with all that, you get a lot greater velocity; plus the shaft in a pneumatic gun is right in the middle of the gun. It has a gunsight for accuracy as well as reduced recoil action compared to a band gun.” The Cyrano Evo HF also sports a new, no-look safety mechanism as well as a fully adjustable trigger mechanism for different-sized hands; an adjustment screw for the trigger; and comes with a line reel.

Mako Spearguns

Mako Spearguns brought a host of new products to showcase at Blue Wild, and company representative Dano Krahling was more than excited to talk about some of them with DeeperBlue.com: “We’ve got the new Yamamoto 45 freediver training suits; we’ve got some carbon blades coming out in 80cm and 85 cm lengths; we just came out with a new gun, the dale 15; we’ll also have a new wood gun with a new trigger mechanism; we’ve got these new lights coming out with new flex arms; [and] a recoil stabilizer for the GoPro bracket. We’ve also got a new, camouflage reversible suit, green on one side, blue on the other.” Krahling also spoke enthusiastically about a new product that consists of a small mirror with elastic bands for tying onto the back of one’s hand on top of the diving glove: “When you’re diving and you’ve got your GoPro on your mask or on your head, you don’t know if it’s on or not. So this way if it’s on your hand, you can just go like that (lift hand to see if the camera’s red “Recording” light is on). Sometimes when I’m doing my breathe-up at the surface and I get ready to do my descent, I reach up to press the button, so what i just did is I turned off my GoPro, so it was videotaping my breathe-up at the surface. I go down, I shoot a monster fish, I come up and press the button to turn if off and guess what, I didn’t get any footage.” That new, small mirror should change that.


Aqualung, a longtime exhibitor at Blue Wild, this year was showing off its women’s diving line. “It’s a details-oriented line which has specific features designed specifically for women — suits, gloves, hoods, boots — all anatomically correct for women,” a company rep told DeeperBlue.com. “The segment of women divers is really growing tremendously; starting to overtake male divers.” Many of the dive masks for women feature the Comfort Buckkle System (CBS), which covers the cog on the adjustment point so it doesn’t draw hair into the mask strap. “It’s been really well-received,” the rep said.

Mud Energy Gel

San Clemente, California-based Mud Energy Gel had a booth at Blue Wild for the first time this year. The company was showing off its energy gel that comes in two formulas, one specifically for free divers that has no caffeine, and features ginger to calm the stomach, 12 grams of protein plus electrolytes to keep the freediver hydrated. The company also offers a caffeinated version for high-intensity triathletes and cyclists.

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has been a stalwart at Blue Wild, handing out pamphlets with rules and regulations regarding spearfishing in Florida waters, plus information on becoming an officer. The booth also sported pamphlets for identifying fish plus drawing books and other materials for children.


John Liang
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John Liang is the News Editor at DeeperBlue.com. He first got the diving bug while in High School in Cairo, Egypt, where he earned his PADI Open Water Diver certification in the Red Sea off the Sinai Peninsula. Since then, John has dived in a volcanic lake in Guatemala, among white-tipped sharks off the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, and other places including a pool in Las Vegas helping to break the world record for the largest underwater press conference.