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Bollywood goes for underwater action

Bollywood has released a 25 million dollar movie on Friday which is their latest underwater action film,  titled Blue.  Stars include Australian actress Kylie Minogue, who debuts in her first Bollywood produced film but plays just a cameo role.

Reports say that some have complained that the ‘Blue’ title was actually extremely misleading,as it referred not to a pornographic extravaganza flesh fest, but tothe ocean.  ‘Blue’ is touted as Bollywood’s first underwater, action adventure thriller. Directed by Anthony D’Souza , the movie is inspired from Hollywood flicks like ‘The Deep’ or ‘Jaws’, but it is not a copy.

Lara Dutta is paired with Sanjay Dutt in the film. Apparently the actress did not know deepsea diving before signing the film and underwent a rigorous Scubadiving training to prepare for her role.

With a budget of over Rs 100 crores, ‘Blue’ is touted as Bollywood’s most expensive film to date.

The Guardian reports that there is doubt as to the film’s success while Bollywood has suffered a torrid year, enduring a string of big-budget flops that forced its leading men and women to take steep pay cuts.

Early reviews suggest that Minogue may indeed breathe new life into the industry: yesterday’s Indian Express described Chiggy Wiggy, which is a blend of Western R&B and thumping bhangra – as a “meaningless cacophony”. The newspaper went on to describe how Minogue’s “chartbuster” had already become a “household word in India”.

A review of the film maybe seen here.

Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
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