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DEMA Special 2006: Zeagle Systems Introduces Buoyancy Control Belt for Freedivers

Zeagle Systems has developed a new inflatable belt for freedivers, one of the new products introduced here at the 2006 DEMA Show. ...

Giant squid on show at history museum

Original story From news.telegraph: One of the largest giant squid ever found was put on display at London's Natural History Museum...

The Big Green: Freediving British Columbia

Not all freediving occurs in gin clear, tropical temperature waters. Staff writer Peter Scott shares his experiences for diving in his home waters surrounding Vancouver, British Columbia.

North Pole Freediving Challenge 2015

Earlier this week Konstantin Novikov of Russia set a new world record for a depth dive under the ice. On April 13th at the geographic...

Sink Faze: TOUCHDOWN !


AIDA announce new Executive Board

AIDA Internationa, the largest FreeDiving organisation governing the sport has announced its new elected AIDA Executive Board for 2004: ...

NG says world's largest fish is at risk

Stefan Lovgren in La Paz, Mexico, for National Geographic News submits the following report: Whale sharks are the world's largest living fish species,...

Freedivers launch safety awareness website

Freedivers Fred Buyle and Pierre Lambreth have launched a website dedicated to increasing the awareness of buddy diving in Freediving.  The website - www.freedivingsafety.org...
Explore the magical caves and shipwrecks of Vis

New Freediving Retreat Available In Vis, Croatia

Have you ever wanted to freedive the magical caves and shipwrecks of Croatia?  Well, a new company has come on the scene to help...
Sport Diver logo

Sport Diver EMEA To Close

The end of an era - a major UK-based pioneering diving magazine is closing its doors. After 29 years of operation, the final ever issue...

Annabel Briseno To Attempt Four World Records

Annabel Briseno will be attempting 4 World Records over a period of 10 days in Kona, Hawaii as...

Blue Immersion and Freediving Dahab to Merge

Two of the biggest Freediving schools in the world - Blue Immersion in Kho Tao (Thailand) and Freedive Dahab in Dahab (Egypt) are combining...

John Moorcroft Sets New UK Freediving Record

A new national freediving record for the UK has been set. Just this week John Moorcroft pushed the dynamic no-fins (DNF) record four meters further at...

Sneak Peak Into Water Born Episode 5

The folks behind Water Born TV, the innovative Freediving Web TV Series, have just released a still from the upcoming Episode 5 slated for...
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