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Cross-Training for Freedivers: Part I

Contributor Peter Scott surveys the many trails which can lead one to the peak of performance.

Total Immersion

Resident expert and staff writer Peter Scott reviews Terry Laughlins book for becoming more efficient in the water.
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Fit for Diving: Part 2 – Strength

Rebecca Coales takes a look at Fitness for Diving in this mini-series here on DeeperBlue.com. Check out Part 2 - Strength

Tanya Streeter Launches New Website

World Record FreeDiver Tanya Streeter has just launched a redesigned version of her website at http://www.redefineyourlimits.com

Maria Teresa Solomons to dive with ghosts in Mexico

Deeperblue.net has just heard that Maria Teresa Solomons is to attempt a 70 metre dive in the famous spooky Cenotes of Xibalba in Mexico,...

Dahab Freedivers Hosts Homar Leuci For Freediving Workshop In July

Freedivers who want to improve their relaxation and deep diving should head to Dahab in Egypt between 1st-4th July 2017. Dahab Freedivers is hosting a...
AIDA International 2016

Last Call To Register For AIDA 2016 Team World Championships In Kalamata

The organizer of the AIDA 2016 Team World Championships in Kalamata - Stavros Kastrinakis - has put out a reminder on Facebook that all...
Sofia rising

Video: 2016 Blue Element Freediving – Competion Days 1 & 2

The energy and positive vibes coming out of Dominica are amazing for the first Blue Element Freediving Competition hosted by Jonathan Sunnex & Sofia...

Results from the New Zealand Freediving Nationals 2012

Late in March AIDA New Zealand held their annual depth nationals at beautiful Lake Taupo -- from the 23rd to 25th of March a range of...

Video: Training Days At The AIDA Team Freediving World Championships 2016

The 2016 AIDA Team Freediving World Championships are about to start in Kalamata, Greece.  Whilst the competition will run from 17th - 24th September...

Simon Fraser University – Advanced Freediving Project

"For it’s second year in a row, the Advanced Freediving project commenced at Simon Fraser University (SFU) with Performance Freediving and members of Team...

"Noseclip Only" freediving competition slated for Dahab

Freediving.biz have just announced that they are organising a "noseclip only" freediving competition in Dahab from 17th - 30th April 2010.  This is the...

50 Meters Under The Sea On A Single Breath

Hannah Stacey, a 26 year old UK Freediver (from Cornwall) broke 2 records at the weekend in Spetses,...
Freediving Instructors International Homepage

F.I.I. Launches Updated Website

Freediving Instructors International recently updated their website with a host of new features. "F.I.I. is proud to launch its new website for summer 2015," according...
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