Scuba Diving

If you want to learn more about what is Scuba Diving check out our feature articles and news below.

Couple to marry on the Titanic

"Trying to emulate the scene from the movie Titanic, David Lebowitz will tie the knot with his fiancee Kimberley Miller whilst in a submarine...

UK to investigate Turtle exploitation overseas

"A ground-breaking project to investigate the exploitation of endangered marine turtle populations in the Caribbean UK Overseas Territories is launched today by the Department...

Rod Klein

New resident expert on U/W Imaging Rod Klein, is interviewed by Nick.

The Antilla – Wreck Diving Aruba

Tom gives us the low-down on diving in and around Aruba, including "The Antilla"

Introduction to Technical Diving

Tech Editor John Bennett gives us a high level view of Technical Diving.

The little known Wrecks of St. Lucia

Nick runs through some of the little known wrecks of St Lucia.

The M2 – The only submersible aircraft carrier

Contributing Writer Mark gives the history to the M2, the world's only submersible aircraft carrier.

Diving and the importance of Fitness

Fitness is an important aspect for Diving but is sorely neglected by a lot of divers. Find out why it is so important.

Wreck Diving – How to get started

Dale gives you an introduction to Wreck Diving.

Behind the Circus Lights – California Sea Lions

Resident Creature Expert Abi tells us more about those playful California Sea Lions.

Diving on the Internet – UK Diving Sites

Claudine gives a run-down of the best Internet Sites for divers in the UK.

Whale Watching

Sean introduces you to Whale Watching and how you can help these wonderful creatures.

Sensational diving in Zanzibar Island

Claudine shows you Zanzibar, a jewel of an island hidden off East coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.

Health & Fitness in Scuba Diving

DAN explains why overall fitness is important and asks divers to consider when restrictions are necessary.
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