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With the Video of the Week our aim is to showcase one video every week that shows off the best (or just plain interesting) about Freediving, Scuba Diving or Spearfishing.


[VIDEO] Freediving Bahamas 2015, a week aboard the ‘Someday Came’

This week's video is from SoCal Spear-It and as they said on the video description... "It was so beautiful we almost forgot to do any spearfishing..." Footage from Bimini to Riding Rock, featuring champion freedivers...

[VIDEO] William Trubridge’s 102m Deep Dive

This week's video is the full coverage of William Trubridge's 102m World Record attempt on 2nd December 2014 in Deans Blue Hole in the Bahamas. Got a great video to share? Feel free to contact us. What is Video of...
Video Of The Weekvideo

[VIDEO] Never Be Nery Greek Base Jumping

This week's video is a parody of the hugely successful short film "Free Fall".  Shot by Nicholas Kouvaras it features cheeky monofin Freedivers interfering with the "hero's" attempt to base jump/free fall during his dive. ...

[VIDEO] Diving Deep On a Single Breath

This week's video is a short video from The Great Big Story and features Freediving master Aharon Solomons diving in the beautiful seas around Eilat, Israel. Got a great video to share? Feel free to...

[VIDEO] John Moorcroft Dynamic No Fins 176m UK Freediving record

This week's video comes from the recent UK National Freediving Championships - The Great Northern 2015 - held in March.  John Moorcroft set a new UK National Freediving Record for Dynamic No Fins (DNF) at...
Fish To The Bone

[VIDEO] Fish To The Bone

This week's video is Fish to the Bone.  A close encounter with one of South Africa's best spearfisherman and underwater videographers. Join Brod Whitaker as he hunts hidden secrets beneath the treacherous white water...

[VIDEO] Freediving With a Whale Shark

This week's video is from the team over at GoPro.  This week we are highlighting a stunning video of GoPro Awards recipients Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant as they film with whale sharks in...

[VIDEO] Deep Souls – Made of Water

This week's video is by Mário Albuquerque & Mafalda Oliveira.  Pondering a complexly simple question - What Is Freediving in one word! A global cast of Freedivers ponder the question and journey through feelings and emotions...

[VIDEO] The Last Mermaids of Jeju

This week's video is another outstanding short video from the Great Big Story.  Following Kim Ok Ja as she goes spearfishing every day to support her family.  At 78 years old she is one...
Video Of The Weekvideo

[VIDEO] Remembering Loic Leferme

This week's video remembers the French Freediver Loïc Leferme (28 August 1970 -- 11 April 2007) who passed away whilst training for a planned record attempt in July 2007.  Loic was one of the co-founders...

[VIDEO] A Day In The Life Of A Freediver

This week's video is comes from the Freediving Hungary group and shows off a beautiful rendition of what the day in a life of a freediver is like.  Showcasing various types of freediving and...

[VIDEO] Soaring With Orcas

This week's video comes from Andreas Heide, who was joined by a pod of Orcas while riding his Subwing off the coast of Norway. Got a great video to share? Feel free to contact us. What is...

[VIDEO] Moments From The AIDA 2015 Depth World Championships

This week's video comes from the guys behind Dahab Freedivers who took their video cameras with them to Cyprus and the World Championships to give you an idea of what goes on behind the...
Video Of The Week

[VIDEO] OceanMen: Extreme Dive

Welcome to this weeks Video of the Week!  Our aim is to showcase one video every week that shows off the best of Freediving, Scuba Diving or Spearfishing. Got a great video to share?  Feel...


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