Champion Freediver William Trubridge Swims Cook Strait, Raises Awareness For Dolphins

William Trubridge At Deans Blue Hole
William Trubridge At Deans Blue Hole

World Champion Freediver William Trubridge recently swam the Cook Strait separating the islands of his home country of New Zealand to raise awareness of the plight of Hector’s Dolphins.

Trubridge completed the 10-hour swim of the 22km/13.7-mile strait on February 15th, using a monofin and swimming underwater for 25-meter/82-foot stints before coming back up for air.

The Hector’s Dolphin is the only cetacean endemic to New Zealand, and is endangered due to gill-net fishing.

Check out the video below of an interview with Trubridge’s father David, where he talks about the type of food the freediver ate during the crossing.