The athletes due to be competing in the AIDA Depth World Championships in Kalamata, Greece have started to arrive and begin training, although the weather wasn’t co-operating during this week with a storm pounding the area.

This gave a bunch of Freedivers and top Underwater Photographer Daan Verhoeven a chance to capture some truly stunning, ethereal images that make them look like they are “flying through underwater clouds”.  Some even look like paintings!

Daan had this to say on his gallery showcasing the photos:

“There was a fantastically fierce storm over Kalamata yesterday, which meant there was no diving that day and today it gave us a cloud underwater. A cloudy layer of about 3 meters, through which we flew.”

You can see the whole selection below or check out Daan’s website.


    • And strange as it seems- the only time I was diving during a freak storm condition- I forgot that One needs to surface lol. Raging clouds above take away that crazy knowledge that humans have that they need to breathe .

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