Freediving and underwater documentaries do not often go together. However, one freediving underwater cameraman is rewriting the rule book with his stunning work on Netflix’sOur Planet” documentary.

In a interview, Alex Voyer discusses the various challenges posed by shooting underwater on one breath, especially for his latest work which was shot in Antarctica. The cold posed a challenge as Alex was spending a lot of time in 0 degrees C/32 degrees F water wearing only a 7mm wetsuit.

According to Voyer, shooting as a freediving cameraman requires some adaptation and modification of techniques to those used by a normal underwater cameraman using scuba gear or a rebreather. While it is challenging, one of the advantages of shooting while freediving is your speed of response. If the team sees any action, Alex can be in the water in a flash.

You can read more about Alex Voyer shooting in the Antarctic here.

Netflix's 'Our Planet' Documentary
Netflix’s ‘Our Planet’ Documentary series

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