One of the debutants at this year’s Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo is the Sea Archer, a Hawaiian Sling designed more like a traditional bow and arrow to give the spearo a feel of archery underwater.

When you draw back, the really cool thing is you don’t have to grasp the spear and the bands all at one time. The spear is held in place by the company’s spear cup, so you can draw it back just like a bow and arrow.

Check Out The Sea Archer Hawaiian Sling
Check Out The Sea Archer Hawaiian Sling

The Sea Archer can use three different bands: the standard one has a 45-pound/20-kilo draw, the lighter one is about 35 pounds/16 kilos, and the extra-heavy one has a 55-pound/25-kilo draw. The lightest one is good for smaller fish or smaller people. It allows folks who might not be able to use a Hawaiian Sling to get into it.

The Sea Archer retails for US$179.95/167.76 Euros and comes with a bag and a tool for changing out the band.

Mike, who invented the Sea Archer, tells of his experience at the Blue Wild Expo:

“We like it a lot, the show’s really fun, the people are friendly, and it’s been a really nice, enjoyable experience.

For more info, check out the company’s website at or follow them on Instagram.

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