If you’re gonna attend a consumer trade show with a heavy emphasis on spearfishing — like, say, the Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo — chances are you’ll get to meet and chat with the folks from Riffe International.

DeeperBlue.com had a brief chat with Jill Salerno, Riffe’s CEO. This year marks the second time the company is exhibiting its wares at Blue Wild.

“The show’s been good,” Salerno said. “We’re just here to support the dealers and answer questions.”

The best part of the show, according to Salerno, is being able to see and talk to the customers:

“I like to make sure we connect with consumers.”

Keep an eye out in the coming months for Riffe to introduce some new classic fins, some new gloves, a new float, and even a new speargun!

For more info, go to speargun.com.

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