CMAS Freediving World Championships Resumes Today


The third annual CMAS Freediving World Championships in Kas, Turkey has resumed today after the first two days were canceled amid safety lapses.  On Tuesday a Spanish competitor blacked out during their dive and was not rescued after drifting from 35m to 61m in depth.

The organizers have brought in Jonathan Sunnex, the head of safety for rival federation AIDA International, to help ensure both equipment and protocols for safety are being followed.

The competition has lost 2 diving days that catered for Constant Weight (CWT) athlete dives.  According to sources at the competition, divers who want to compete in Constant Weight will be allowed to each day, in addition to, the disciplines scheduled for that day.

Thursday sees Constant Weight No-Fins (CNF) as the main discipline.  You can see the start list below.

CMAS Freediving World Championships 2018 - Day 3 Start List
CMAS Freediving World Championships 2018 – Day 3 Start List
Stephan Whelan
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