Cochran Undersea Technology Introduces full line of Dive Data Recorders

Cochran DDRCochran Undersea Technology, manufacturer and marketer of the industry’s most sophisticated dive computers, has announced a complete line of dive data recorders, intended for use by sport, scientific and commercial divers.

The products are known as the Cochran DDR-10, DDR-200, DDR-500, and DDR-1000, with the number designating the maximum operating depth, in meters. The dive data recorders are about the size of a one inch cube, and are easily tucked away in a pocket or strapped to a piece of dive gear. They require no user interaction during the dive.

DDR units interface with Analyst software to provide detailed tracking of altitude, depth, temperature and time. Each will record up to 256 dive summaries, and record all profile data at one second sampling, up to 480 dive hours. The DDR-10 can be set up to continuously record underwater data for more than a year. The data output is compatible with DAN Project Dive Exploration at the highest level, and may be sent directly to the DAN database via the Internet, using Analyst 4.01 software.

Cochran Undersea Technology manufactures a full line of state-of-the-art dive computer equipment for the scuba industry. Based on the technology developed by Cochran and used by navies around the globe, Cochran sport dive computers are the highest in quality, reliability and ease of use.

For more information: Cochran Undersea Technology, a division of Cochran Consulting, Inc.

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