COVID-19 Given You Some Free Time? Build Your Own Speargun.

Neptonics' Pre-Cut Teak Speargun Kit
Neptonics' Pre-Cut Teak Speargun Kit

If you’re a spearo and and are stuck at home instead of being out on the water due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the folks at Neptonics are offering a way to build your own speargun.

Neptonics’ Pre-Cut Teak Speargun Kit has pretty much everything you need to build your custom speargun. The company’s Speargun Blanks are made from Teak and are designed for two or three power-bands. Everything is precut for a perfect fit and alignment.

Specifically, the trigger pocket, handle pocket, enclosed and open tracks are precut, and the trigger mounting pinholes are predrilled.

All you would have to do is cut the blank to length and drill some holes for your power bands.

The kits retail for US$$179.99 (~163 Euros) each; for more info, go to the company’s website at or check out the video below.