CRESSI Celebrates Its Ambassadors at DEMA Show

Cress Ambassador Theo Knevel at DEMA Show 2019
Cress Ambassador Theo Knevel at DEMA Show 2019 stopped by the Cressi booth at DEMA Show 2019 to learn more about the company’s ambassador program from Cressi Ambassador and Caribbean Manager Theo Knevel.

Jason Washington’s bold underwater images cover the stand at DEMA this year.

The Cressi booth at DEMA Show 2019
The Cressi booth at DEMA Show 2019

Cressi’s latest ambassador to have joined the already impressive line up has worked in the Cayman Islands for two decades where he has a large dive operation. Jason is responsible for removing the invasive lionfish from the waters with his Project CULL, the Cayman United Lionfish League, to help maintain the delicate marine ecosystem around the islands. His latest project was a YouTube series that introduces divers to underwater photography called “The Way I See It.”

Cressi are proud to have Professional Freediver and World Champion Guillaume Néry showcasing their gear. As an industry leader and strong athlete, he represents the top quality and high performance freediving equipment. On the company’s 70th anniversary, Cressi released a film where Néry goes freediving back in time and shows how the industry has evolved over those 70 years.

Roberto Ochoa is a videographer for Planet Azul, an ocean conservation TV show. Having started making films at 25 in locations such as the Galapagos and Africa, his films promote the splendour and diversity below the surface.

If you want to be a Cressi Ambassador and are participating in great work, you can contact the team at