Dahab Freediving Challenge 'Triple Depth' Results


We’re slightly late in reporting the results from the Dahab Triple Depth Challenge recently.

Women’s world freediving records have yet again been smashed by Natalia Molchanova from Russia. Natalia has established a new record in Free Immersion of 78 metres, and in Unassisted Constant Weight of 55 metres.

Both were established at an AIDA event in Egypt in early November 2005 — the Dahab Freediving Challenge ‘Triple Depth’ competition, run by Lotta and Peter Ericson. Freediving competitors from around the world gathered to take part in the first competition of its kind, one that hosted three depth disciplines over three consecutive days. 22 competitors from nine different countries took part.

Disciplines were Free Immersion (FIM), Constant Weight (CWT), and Unassisted Constant Weight (CNF).

As well as Natalia’s 2 world records, no fewer than 14 national records were set. Final results were as follows:


Triple Depth Mens


Triple Depth Womens


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