Tuesday, July 16, 2024

DAN Europe Teams Up With Azoth Systems to Collect Diver Data


The Divers Alert Network Europe and Azoth Systems have announced a collaboration geared to collecting data in recreational diving.

The effort will involve the use of Azoth System’s O’Dive technology to study and gain a better understanding of microbubbles. It is hoped that the efforts will further our understating of decompression sickness.

Commenting on the partnership, Axel Barbaud, the CEO and Founder of Azoth Systems, stated:

“What characterizes this partnership with DAN Europe relies on a shared knowledge but also complementarities in addition to the step forward bringing by our technology for divers’ safety. Thanks to O’Dive, divers can control and improve their diving procedures based on the micro-bubbles detected in their venous system after the dive and customized simulations calculated from their dives profiles. Beyond the research, building this collaboration with DAN Europe is also a way to increase our visibility and to further this human and technological adventure with a valuable and highly experienced partner.”

While the President and Founder of DAN Europe Prof. Alessandro Marroni said:

“The O’Dive technology developed by Azoth Systems will allow to continue and increase the efficiency of the work undertaken by pooling mutual expertise. Sharing resources with Azoth Systems is in line with DAN Europe’s mission of promoting diving safety. The collaboration agreement is the beginning of a long-term work that includes sharing information about the existing databases and their mutual enrichment.”

You can find out more here.

Sam Helmy
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