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DEMA 2007 Special: Day 1 – 31st October 2007

The Reporting Team are here on location at DEMA 2007 to report on all the latest happenings.


Suunto announced the D4 dive computer today.  Read our news coverage here.


Cressi has a few new additions to it’s line this year. The Gara series, a long time benchmark for freediveing fins, has a new member, the Gara Professional. This fin has an upgraded foot pocket with a shoe-like tred, and is made from a "unique material" that gives a carbon performance with the durability of more traditional materials. The Tecnica Freediving wetsuits, previously only available to the European markets will now be offered to North American dealers. The Geronimo speargun is now offered in the "pro" series. An asymetric barrel, internal shaft rail, and ergonomic trigger mech should make this a favorite with spearfishermen.


Riffe’s Euro line of spearguns hit the market last year and made quite an impact. This year they have raised the bar and added the Euro X series. These new guns feature an rear extension for hip loading. This is designed to give scuba spearfisherman a more usefriendly euro style speargun. The Riffe 2 atmosphere float is on display. Designed with a very tough outer shell and a internal bladder that can be filled to 25psi using any schrader valve compatable pump.


This company has long been associated with heavy duty spearguns for the scuba hunter market. Well, this year they have a new addition, the Blubber Skin wetsuit. Built with Yamamoto neoprene, open cell inner and blue water camo lined outer. Designed in conjuntion with world record holding spearfisherman, this suit offers user friendly features such as smoothskin wrist and face seals, and an integrated knife sheath on the outer thigh. Word is it comes with a free knife too! In addition to the suit JBL has dive gloves designed with the spearo in mind. A double palm, strapless wrist and renforced knuckle gaurd make this a hardcore glove for the hardcore hunter.


This Turkish based company has products designed with the freedive spearo in mind. traditional Euro pipe guns, freediving suits, fins, and gorgeous Teak guns, in mid handle and rear handle constuction. They are currently searching for retailers in the US and are setting up an American base of operations directly following DEMA 2007. They do not have an english website yet, but keep an eye out for it. The wood guns in particular are sure to attract the wood gun lover’s attention.


Mares have announced several new products here at DEMA.  Check out our Feature Article. DEMA Team DEMA Team
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