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DEMA and Rock Band Youngblood Hawke Team Up To Make Anti-Shark Finning Commercial

In September, the Dive Equipment & Marketing Association and Los Angeles-based rock band Youngblood Hawke teamed up to film a television commercial aimed at boosting awareness of the devastating effect on global shark populations created by an increased demand for shark fins.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHnlshOHjM8&feature=youtu.be]

DEMA members can access the 30-second public service announcement and complimentary poster to share with their local and online diving communities. DEMA is also distributing the PSA to TV networks in major media markets to help spread the message. According to DEMA:

Both the poster and PSA are part of DEMA’s ongoing effort to inform consumers about this issue and emphasize the drastic effects that killing one of the top ocean predators for frivolous items, such as shark fin soup, has on the marine environment and beyond. Youngblood Hawke’s break-out single ‘We Come Running‘ features the band scuba diving with sharks. Their experience filming the video led them to help DEMA deliver this important message of environmental conservation.

For the last several years, DEMA has been involved in assisting groups in their efforts to pass legislation putting a halt to this horrible practice,” association Executive Director Tom Ingram said. “We found a great partner in Youngblood Hawke to help create this Public Service Announcement and now we have the opportunity to bring this issue to a wider range of consumers — both divers and non-divers. In addition, DEMA is working with additional states to get tough legislation passed which helps control this problem.

The poster and PSA will be promoted as a social media campaign via DEMABe A Diver, and DiveCaching Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as on social media sites of affiliated organizations, and through TV networks throughout the nation.

More than 70 million sharks are killed each year, many simply so their fins can be taken for consumption,” according to DEMA. “Primarily, the fins are used to make shark fin soup and after the fins are removed the remainder of the animal is often discarded into the sea to die. Without the presence of this apex ocean predator, the entire ocean ecosystem is thrown out of balance. Taken to the extreme, this out-of-balance situation endangers the health of the oceans and everyone on earth.

For more information on DEMA’s public service announcements visit www.dema.org.




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