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Dive RAID Announces Two New Courses: Cavern And Twinset


Dive RAID International has announced the introduction of two new courses: Cavern and Twinset.

Both courses are new offerings that add the Dive RAID flavor to these long-running diving activities.

Twinset Diver Program

The program officially launched on March 2, 2023, and aims to deliver formal training to divers who want to learn how to safely use twinsets. The course is the perfect standalone offering for the diver who ant the additional security and knowledge that comes from diving twinsets. However, it is also a requirement for undertaking the RAID Deco 40/50/60 or overhead environment diving programs. Areas covered in the course syllabus include:

  • Kit configuration for both recreational and technical diving.
  • Contingency gas management and planning.
  • Dive planning.
Dive RAID Twinset Diver course
Dive RAID Twinset Diver course

The Cavern Diver Program

The Cavern diver program is often the peak program for many divers. It provides lots of skills and knowledge without the commitment and dedication of becoming a full cave diver. The new course is designed to act as a standalone recreation and basic overhead environment course. Although a standalone course, the new Cavern course can serve as the perfect bridge or taste for the RAID Cave 1 program.

You can learn more about DiveRAID here.

Dive RAID Cavern Diver Course
Dive RAID Cavern Diver Course
Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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